Our Work

A collection of our favorite projects and the impact they’ve made

Fisherman’s Friend
Website Relaunch & Marketing Hub Setup

One goal: the website must again represent the strengths of the 166 year old Fisherman’s Friend brand.

  • 38 customizable country versions
  • animated history section
  • internal marketing hub
  • multi-level single sign-on
  • fixed & elastic layouts
  • automated country forwarding

Outdoor Cinema
Streaming-Portal & Self-Service-Interface

If the corona pandemic turns the entire business model upside down, then action must be taken quickly and wisely. This is what happened with the successive, success-dependent development of the streaming portal Outdoor Cinema.

  • extremely short time to “go live”
  • modular construction
  • gradual expansion to an own portal
  • development of a self-service-interface
  • automated ticket exchange service

» outdoor-cinema.net
» for German speakers: Abenteuer Wohnzimmer

Customer-Engagement Portal

Bauhaus: richtiggut.de. Simply really good.

  • flexible content platform
  • connection to the Hybris Shop
  • approval process for external editors
  • flexible page builder for content editors

» richtiggut.de

Multi-Market Website & App

The films of the E.O.F.T. take their audience into forgotten worlds and show how much inspiration is out there. We help to ensure that the website does justice to the stunning films and that the necessary software for sometimes more than 200,000 bookings runs smoothly.

  • multilingual
  • 22 markets
  • geo-targeting
  • location search
  • video integration
  • iOS & Android app

» eoft.eu

Meyer Lightning
Multi-Market Website & Offline Software

Meyer Lighting’s lighting technology can be found on architectural icons from Perth to New York, from London to Helsinki. The website and software are now shining as bright as the radiance of the imposing lights.

  • multilingual <20 markets
  • connection to Solidworks EPDM
  • automatic datasheet configurator
  • search engine with live preview
  • geo-targeting with 7,500 local products

» meyer-lighting.com

König Pilsener
Website & Interactive Integrationen

König Pilsener represents the “call-it-a-day-attitude”. With an interactive beer calculator and a gastro and retail search, the way to the end of the day is also made short online.

  • “where-to-buy” integration
  • product overview
  • event planner
  • online beer amount calculator
  • video integration
  • user journeys

» koenig.de

This is a selection of our current projects. Our team of experts from the fields of development, UX design, web design and marketing develops ticket portals, e-commerce shops and dashboards. In our combined experience of over “100 years” in the digital world, we have already successfully implemented a number of projects - from global web projects to sophisticated intranets to innovative IoT solutions. And a little more. Always with the highest demands on technology, user friendliness and added value.

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